Ear Acupressure

Ear acupressure (using ear seeds) is a complementary medicine technique that stimulates certain points on the ear to help treat a range of health conditions. The pressure points on your ear are called the “ear acupressure points.”

What does it involve?

Acupressure involves putting pressure on certain areas of the ear. In Chinese medicine theory, ear acupressure is a technique similar in principle to acupuncture. The ear is considered to be a microsystem that maps other areas of the body, similar to reflexology and iridology.

Traditionally, a seed from the plant Vaccaria segetalis was used to stimulate ear acupressure points. Nowadays, ear seeds are made of stainless steel, gold or silver. The seeds are held in place by a small plaster (like a Band-aid) and stay on the ear for about 2–3 days. They can be stimulated up to 10 times a day for about 30 seconds each time.

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